AltSignals: Boost Your Crypto Trading With AI – $840k Raised!

• AltSignals recently crossed a new threshold in its funding effort, raising more than $800,000 so far.
• The ASI token is going for $0.015 during the presale and could rally higher once it lists on exchanges.
• AltSignals is developing a suite of AI products designed for cryptocurrency traders with a $1 million presale target.

AltSignals Crosses New Funding Threshold

AltSignals has raised more than $840k in its presale as the development team sets out to achieve its objective of raising $1 million. The ASI token is currently being sold at a price of $0.015 during the presale stage and could probably experience a surge in price once it lists on decentralised and centralised crypto exchanges.

What Is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an ambitious project that seeks to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help traders optimise their trading activities across different markets such as forex, stock, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. To achieve this goal, the development team has set an initial funding target of $1 million which it has nearly achieved thanks to the successful presale event.

Improvement In Market Sentiments

The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant improvements since the start of this week thanks to news relating to debt ceiling agreement in the United States. As such, investors have been watching out for projects like AltSignals which could potentially benefit from these developments through increased investor confidence which would likely result in higher prices for their tokens once listed on exchanges.

Benefits Of Investing In AltSignal’s Presale

Investors who participate in AltSignal’s presale will be able to get hold of ASI tokens at relatively lower prices compared to when they list on exchanges as well as benefit from potential price appreciation once they become available for trading on public markets due to increased demand and investor interest.


The success of AltSignal’s presale event shows that there is still strong interest among investors when it comes to investing in blockchain-based projects that offer innovative solutions like AI-driven trading tools for cryptocurrency users. This also indicates that despite recent bearish trends witnessed in some parts of the market, there are still opportunities for growth when it comes to blockchain technology adoption and utilization by businesses and individuals alike.