XRP Breaks Two Month Resistance, Trend Remains Uncertain

XRP broke through a two month resistance zone.

The price evolves within an ascending parallel channel.

The XRP / BTC price has created a double dip pattern

As of the start of September, XRP has been trading in a range of $ 0.23 to $ 0.26, with the exception of a slight deviation below the support area on September 19.

On November 13, the price finally closed a daily candle above that range at $ 0.265. It continued to rise until the morning of November 14, hitting $ 0.28, but has since fallen back to $ 0.272.

If XRP continues its rally, the next resistance can be found at $ 0.295.

The technical indicators for the day of November 14 are bullish, but do not yet confirm an uptrend.

Both the RSI and the MACD are on the rise. Their slope is moderate and the Stochastic Oscillator has not yet generated a bullish cross.

Another daily rally above this resistance would likely mean that XRP will continue to move higher, possibly up to $ 0.29.

The shorter-term, 4-hour chart shows price moving in an ascending parallel channel since September 24th

Movements contained in a parallel channel are often corrective . This could mean that the current rise is a correction rather than the start of an uptrend.

A move above the channel will negate this scenario, and may push price higher towards the $ 0.29 resistance area.

Trader @ gordongekko369 pointed to a chart of the XRP / BTC pair, which shows price is trending down. He predicts, however, that this trend will reverse shortly, and that XRP / BTC will start to rise.

The XRP / BTC chart shows a rapid decline that began at the start of October, and during which the price has lost almost 30% of its value.

The decline was temporarily halted, and the XRP / BTC pair formed a double dip near the 1,565 satoshis. This is normally seen as a bullish reversal pattern. This figure is also combined with a bullish divergence in the RSI. It is therefore all the more plausible that the price reverses its movement.